May 2020 Newsletter

Governor Murphy has begun lifting restrictions in New Jersey, allowing gatherings of up to 25 people. We are seeing stores opening up and people are going back to work with masks and gloves. As we begin seeing the reopening of our beloved state, it is important to remember what we have all been through, what we are still going through, and how we can better our community. A single payer solution will help those that have lost their jobs during the pandemic and save lives of those who cannot afford medication. We must continue our fight for Medicare for All.


We are urging people to ensure they are ready to vote by mail-in ballot this coming July 7th, and want to make sure you know who is supporting Medicare for All. We hope you will assist in sharing this message by sharing the below image on your social media pages and email networks, alongside a link to our website. The full voter guide can be found there at



Medicare for All Virtual Meeting

In addition to this, we are excited to announce a joint effort with Our Revolution Monmouth to discuss Medicare for All on Tuesday June 9th at 6:30 PM. Previous Vice President of Cigna, Wendell Potter, and Medicare for All Campaign Director at Public Citizen, Melinda St. Louis, will be speaking virtually with our moderator Ayesha Mughal, co-chair of NJUHC. We invite you to share this along with friends and family to watch and be part of the discussion. More information on the Zoom meeting can be found here. Hope to see you there!

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