Sign the petition! Medicare for All has been reintroduced in the U.S. House and Senate, and we must take full advantage of it – https://passmedicareforallnow.org/

Fifty-seven years ago, July 30th 1965, Medicare was born! Signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, former President Harry Truman (a staunch advocate for single payer health insurance) was the first US citizen to receive a Medicare card. It has been dramatically successful at reducing the number of uninsured senior citizens and disabled Americans since its inception, and has been popular with both Democrats and Republicans alike!

Like democracy itself, Medicare will only survive if we work to champion and improve it! Currently, traditional Medicare is under attack from health insurance companies, private equity, and other financial interests trying to privatize it. We must fight against these efforts!

The concern of the potential transformation of Medicare into just another form of private health insurance for profiteers to raid is not getting the political or media attention it deserves. The NJUHC and like-minded organizations are fighting to kick ACO reach and any other form of privatization of Medicare to the curb, and also to protect and improve it – ultimately offering it as the primary health coverage to all residents of the United States.

Please join us in our fight to make improved Medicare for All a reality!

All monetary donations are gratefully appreciated, but even more important – become an active member of the NJUHC. Let’s put an end to the bureaucracy of our current convoluted health care “non-system” and provide healthcare coverage to all…


Health Care Savings for New Jersey

The State of New Jersey would save at least $2.5 billion per year—that’s 6.7% of its 2018–2019 budget of $37.4 billion.Moneybag illustration

  • $2.2 billion on employee health benefits
  • $0.3 billion on charity care and other health care costs not covered by federal funds

NJ’s unfunded post-retirement health benefits obligation would disappear—that’s $67 billion less debt. Local governments in New Jersey would realize similar savings, reducing the State aid they require.

  • Jersey City would save $60 million per year
  • Camden would save $20 million per year (70% of Camden’s budget comes from the State)
  • Passaic County would save $50 million per year

NJUHC has a way to make Medicare for All a reality in New Jersey!

  • We want ALL New Jersey residents to be covered by Medicare!
  • Make “Medicare For All” a reality
  • Don’t create a new health care plan
  • Don’t rewrite Medicare
  • Just take what we have, traditional Medicare, and make it THE one and only health care plan for New Jersey

For more information, please see our Proposal page, and our page on
Federal and State Legislation.