April 2020 Newsletter

We have seen in both politics and entertainment a grand push towards Medicare for All across the country these past few months. From John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment to every presidential nominee debate, we have seen the realization that Medicare for All would be a huge advancement for the entire population. And regardless of who will be voted into office in November, our fight will continue to be an enormous undertaking of power shifting.


Image by Brenda BarriosTo continue our efforts, we need to ensure our upcoming local elections go the way we desire. We ask you to take a moment of your day to ensure you are eligible and signed up to vote by mail. You can find information about the applications sorted by county on the New Jersey state website here. No one knows exactly what will be happening in the future, but we want everyone to keep their health and safety a priority.

Image by Marissa Shea


We will continue to organize and move our plans forward, getting through to the likes of Representative Pallone and Senator Menendez on how important Medicare for All is to New Jerseyans, especially in this time. Ensuring our entire populous is insured is the best way to help fight the pandemic and prevent the disastrous effects we are seeing. Yet despite the obvious benefits of Medicare for All, we know opponents won’t stop crusading against universal healthcare, which makes our continued organizing more important. We hope you join us in continuing out fight for the future.

Images by Brenda Barrios and Marissa Shea.

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