June 2020 Newsletter

Have you registered for your mail-in ballot? The primary election is right around the corner!

As we continue through these uncertain times, we are more aware than ever of the need for a single payer solution for healthcare. The coronavirus has hurt our community in many ways, and if we were all able to find comfort in the fact that anyone could seek out medical treatment without a monetary worry, we would all be more at peace. We hope you will consider who has our best interests at heart when voting in the July 7th primary, and if you have any questions on who is for or against Medicare for All, please visit our website for our voting guide. We also recommend sharing this guide with your community if you feel so inclined.

– Virtual Sharing

We were very happy to join Our Revolution – Monmouth on their Zoom meeting earlier this month, “Demanding Healthcare During a Pandemic & Beyond”. We hope to join more virtual calls in the future to spread information on the importance of Medicare for All. If you’d like to get in contact with someone from our speakers bureau for your upcoming meeting, please email us at njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com.

– Supporting #BlackLivesMatter

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, June 30th in Trenton for the Justice for George Floyd Rally. While assisting the Black Lives Matter movement, we also hope to share the importance of Medicare for All, no matter your race, gender, or socioeconomic class.

Justice for George Floyd

– Local Resolutions

Earlier this week, news broke that South Bend, Indiana passed a local resolution to support universal healtcare during the Covid pandemic. We believe pushing for this in New Jersey will allow us to gain support for our movement. Keeping our communities safe and healthy needs to be held with the upmost importance, and this pandemic shows us how flawed our current system is. Please help us with our cause and show your support for Medicare for All.

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