December 2018 Newsletter

Thanks to all who participated in our General Membership meeting on December 1. We had an awesome turnout, and Analilia Mejia did a great job preparing us for some of the tasks ahead.




National Nurses United (NNU) has initiated a call for help. NJUHC will be working with NNU to plan “barnstorm” events in NJ Congressional districts 6 and 9.

Because of the new and encouraging Democratic majority, NNU hopes to advance HR 676 in the House of Representatives after the new House convenes next year. To do so, key members of Congress must be HR 676 co-sponsors. Two of NNU’s targets are in NJ — Frank Pallone (NJ-6), the new Chair of Energy and Commerce, and Bill Pascrell (NJ-9), who sits on Ways and Means.


These two members of Congress will only co-sponsor HR676 in the face of a massive outcry from their constituents.  Barnstorm events will bring people together who want to help win Medicare for All, and ask them to do specific tasks to build our movement. Tasks include door to door canvassing and crowd canvassing — both designed to get people to place calls to these Congressional offices demanding that Pallone and Pascrell co-sponsor HR 676.


If you live in NJ6 or NJ9, we will especially need your help to: (1) invite friends and/or organizations you know to hold small group meetings (we’ll provide a speaker) prior to Feb 9 so we can tell them more about Medicare for All and the Feb 9-13 Week of Action; and (2) participate in these events to help energize people to be part of a massive grassroots mandate for Medicare for All. Send us a brief note to tell us you’ll help or to make suggestions to assist this campaign.



Join the conversation about the findings in the Anti-Poverty Network of NJ’s new research report, “The Uncomfortable Truth: Racism, Injustice, and Poverty in NJ

January 12, 2019 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM , Thomas Edison State University, 111 West State St, Trenton.


For more information, go here.




We know you are getting overwhelmed with donation requests at this time of year. If Medicare for All is one of your priority issues, contributing to NJUHC will help build support at both the state and federal levels. Donate here. Thank you.


P.S. If you left a hat at the GM meeting, please contact us here to retrieve it.


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